Ingredient common name

Polysaccharides; Larch tree

Supports immune function*
Water soluble fiber is a prebiotic for GI support* 

Patented ingredient name

Lonza, Inc.

Grown in
United States

Part used
Why our form
ResistAid® is produced by first steam-heating larch wood chips to extract the phenolic and arabinogalactan compounds, and then drying the resulting extract. The patented extraction method requires no harsh chemicals to release the compounds from the wood matrix; therefore, the extract is structurally unaltered post-extraction. Its efficacy is supported by several studies on this specific ingredient.
What we test for
  • Identification (via HPTLC)
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticide residues
  • Benzo-a-pyrene
  • Microbes

Contained In

Clinical References